Acoustics Demystified: Creating Better-Sounding Rooms Is Easier Than You Think

In February 5, 2016

Creating Better-Sounding Rooms Is Easier Than You Think

“Acoustics” is a term most people associate with complex concepts and deep science. And while there IS a lot of science in acoustics, understanding the basics – enough to help you make good decisions about improving the sound of your room – is much easier than you think.


First, for our purposes, “Acoustics” means improving sound in rooms. There are two categories of techniques professionals use to help improve room sound – “soundproofing” and “treatment”, and they are distinctly different. Soundproofing means “less noise”, and treatment means “better sound”.


You may want less noise – the sound of traffic, neighbors, and construction can be annoying, and a quiet space can be very healthy. Or you may want your sound system or musical instrument to sound better in a room. You may also want both, to varying degrees.

Let’s look at soundproofing. The products utilized to lessen noise work by increasing structural mass and isolation – a room’s walls, ceiling, and floor must be dense and isolated from the rest of the structure, and the air gaps must be sealed – such as doors and windows, heating and cooling vents, and electrical sockets.

Think of soundproofing like weatherproofing – you want the structure to be as solid as possible, and you want all the holes sealed, so the weather stays outside and comfort stays inside. For soundproofing, the amount of mass and isolation needed depends on how much noise there is outside – and inside – your room, and how much you want it reduced. A recording studio in a big city needs much more soundproofing than a stereo listening room in a house out in the countryside. It all depends on your situation and your goals.

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