Acoustic Performance in Contemporary Churches- Study By Our Architctural Acoustician

In March 17, 2016
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In most churches spoken word and liturgical music are considered as the primary parts of worship. This emphasizes the need for good acoustic design. Good acoustics therefore have a huge role in ensuring that the primary acts of worship in churches is achieved. Unfortunately, many churches do not understand the role of good acoustics and end up not planning for proper acoustic design.

They invest in audio visual equipment with the assumption that they are adequate for good sound output. Mr. Robert Otieno in his thesis briefly introduces the concept of acoustics through a comprehensive explanation on various parameters that are used to identify best acoustic performance standards in churches. He then discusses the evolution of church acoustics in the history section. To create an in-depth understanding of acoustic performance of the contemporary churches in Kenya, focus is laid on Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) with three case study : CITAM Valley Road, CITAM Karen and CITAM Woodley. Data is collected through observation and physical measurements.
The study findings indicate that most of the parameters essential for good acoustic design in churches were factored during the design process. However, the oversight on a few parameters significantly affected the acoustics of the churches. This emphasizes the importance of considering proper acoustic design of churches right from the onset of design to avoid some of the faults experienced after construction.

“Acoustics is not a matter of quantity. Numbers from data don’t tell everything. Acoustics is a
matter of quality.” Bertram Kinzey

URL : Otieno Robert John B02.23182.2008

Source: The University of Nairobi

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    Hey Robert, i am so positive that your thesis can be of great help in our music in church considering the generation we are in and its absolutely true that the quality is much more worth.

  2. we are in constructing a cathedral at Runyenjes Embu county. how can i tell if acoustic factors have been considered in the design?

    • Hi Stanley, kindly provide us with your telephone number.Our Architectural Acoustician will be more than happy to advise you accordingly.

  3. does sound creations sell acoustic treatment materials for small home studios?

    • Hi Stanley, yes, we sell acoustic solutions for all venues.Our Architectural Acoustician will advise you on the ideal solution for your venue.

  4. Hello. I Have read Otieno thesis and am so ipmressed by the ideas and thoughts shared in the write up. However, my problem is how we fix our church which has so much echo that we can hear during services especially when members are few.
    Can you company fix the problem. We are located at Chuka Town. My contact is 0721271046

    • Hi Mr. Kaburu,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Following our telephone conversation, we will visit your church, do comprehensive acoustic tests in the church and later present a report detailing the proposed acoustic solution.

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