In November 8, 2016
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Sound Creations Ltd. recently installed a professional audio system in a truck for County Development Communication (CDC). The organization was referred to us by the Director of Land Mawe Limited Mr. Amit who has had an opportunity, in the past, to listen to the audio quality of a system that Sound Creations previously installed in a truck.

img_9845The company was selected in a competitive process as affirmed by one of the coordinators, ” Although we sourced for various quotations, Sound Creations’ technical proposal stood out. We also learned that the recommended gear were of very good quality.”

Sound system installation process in the truck- intended for awareness campaigns and commercial road shows – took one week. The system comprised of various products including dB Technologies’ DVA KS20 line array ,Ingenia IG2T speakers , INGENIA IG4T speakers, and LVX10 speaker. Other products used include Allen & Heath ZED10FX mixer, Shure BLX 288e/PG58 -S8, Shure PG48, Pioneer DDJ-SR controller, Pioneer HDJ500, Sommer cables, Neutrik connector XLR NC3FX, Neutrik jack NP2C/X, Solatek AVS30 over voltage power protector, Neutrik powerCON NAC3FCB, Soundking connector CA525 & 526, Allen & Heath Bracket Z10- RK19 and double metallic sockets.


CDC staff were highly impressed with the audio output of the system. Two of them present at the sound test after listening for almost half an hour said, “Tumekubali” which has an English meaning of “we approve of it”. Their  Marketing Officer Ms. Cathy also expressed her satisfaction saying,


“Woh! We definitely got value for our money. The sound system is not only audible  from a long distance but it is also very clear. The position of the system is also amazing- it makes the truck look lovely. “

We later received feedback that the CDC in-charge was very happy with the audio system.


Sound Creations remain committed to offering customized feasible solutions and delivering the best of results in such installation .





Source: Sound Creations Ltd.

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