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Sound creation limited most recently installed a sound system for a new road show truck for Petanns Driving School intended run a Road Safety and Marketing campaign. Having been recommended from a past truck installation the system was done following Sound Creations acquisition of the  latest dB VIO L210 speakers which offered nothing short of perfect sound






Unlike other installations where the company has to compete for tender, this time round the school’s owner knew without doubt who he wanted for the installation straight to the live sound engineer. “This was a great experience to have someone appreciate your work enough to request your services again”  said  Vincent  Manwa the Live sound engineer managing the project.


The team used a new speaker system arrangement to enable the VIO speakers deliver to their maximum potential and at some point had to change the truck fabricator to bring in one who could customize the fabrication to the VIO setup requirements. On the set up was 6 tops dB VIO L210  and 2 pieces dB S318 sub, 4 pieces LVX 15 inches side fills, 1 piece LVX 10 inches for the Dj monitor, 1 piece XM12 for the stage monitors, an Allen&Heath mixer Z16, 1 piece Pioneer Dj SX2 table and a set of Shure wireless handheld microphones.







The installation period for the project took 2 days of sound rigging and fine tuning. The first day saw our team of three  run cables and set up the main speaker. On the second day, the team set up the side fills, did termination of cables and installed the generator. Among the advantages of the dB VIO system was the clarity of sound it offered as well as its ability to amplify more while maintaining the clarity of the sound from the truck. “This was indeed a state of the art system installation” said the project manager. Petanns Driving School CEO was more than pleased with the installation

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