dB speakers flown on top
After Installation
Long Shot of Brew Bistro

Project Details

Client: Brew Bistro Rooftop

Location: Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Capacity: 350 People

Job Content:  Sound System Design and installation.

Category: Clubs

Project Date: July -December 2015

Gear List:  8 RCF P3108 tops,  3 QSC RMXa amplifiers ,  dB Technologies SUB 18H (Subwoofer) , 5 dB Technologies K300 speakers , dB Technologies DSX2040 digital processor , Chauvet obey70 DMX controller ,  Chauvet  SlimparPro Tri Wash Lights ,  Chauvet Intimidator 355zr spot moving head,  and Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16:4:2 .

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