Tumaini Line Array-2052
Tumaini Line Array-2103
Tumaini Line Array-2134
Tumaini Line Array-2140
Tumaini Line Array-2220

Project Name: Presbyterian Church Of East Africa Kariobangi

Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Project Type: House of worship – Live sound reinforcement

Client: Presbyterian Church of East Africa Kariobangi

Job Content: Design, installation and commissioning of a dB Technologies line array system

Gear List: 8 Units  dB T4 Powered Line arrays, 8 Unit s dB Flexsys F10Powered speakers, 4 Units  dB Flexsys Fm12 Powered Monitors ,2 Units  dB S9 Powered sub woofers (flown) , 2 Units  dB S20 Powered Sub woofers, Allen and Heath Qu32 Digital mixer